Is Your Biker Partner into You?

It happens to a lot of male Harley riders and female Harley riders who are looking for he special Harley motorcycle rider on the free biker dating websites. We swipe right to the biker girls and biker guys who we feel attracted, and start a conversation in order to build the connection between the biker women and biker man on online Harley dating websites. And then we start to move things from online motorcycle dating websites to real life and start something brand new with the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys on online biker dating sites. And then the question arises among a huge number of motorcycle women as well as motorcycle men: is the man biker or omen biker I am seeing right now interested in me as well? And how can I tell for sure if the potential biker chick or biker dude likes me back in the same way? We have compiled a list of online biker dating advice containing 3 different signs that can help biker chicks and biker dudes enormously to find out the answer.

Looks can definitely tell single Harley riders a lot about what your Harley motorcycle rider is thinking. If you constantly catch your biker crush looking at you, don’t be nervous. Instead, take it as a good sign because when single Harley rider starts to like the Harley guy or Harley girls, they couldn’t stop peeking at the special motorcycle rider because they love what they are seeing.

This won’t happen with someone who also has a crush on you. If your biker babe replies to a message you sent fast, then chances are that they are really into you and can’t wait to hear more from you every time. According to the online biker dating expert, immediately responding to a message of a motorcycle babe is a hint that a biker chick or biker dude doesn’t take your attention for granted. If your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude is always trying to initiate a conversation with you and you get the message back from them quickly, chances are they are really into you and are willing to spend more time to get to know the potential biker gentlemen or biker ladies.

As the old saying goes: action speaks louder than the words. And it definitely makes a lot of senses too in the world of online biker dating. Also, if Harley chicks and Harley dudes want to know if their biker crush is into them, pay more attention to their actions to find out. From a very simple gestures such as touching your shoulder, your hair, or holding eye contact with you, you can immediately tell if your motorcycle crush likes you back too.

In a word, if you’re not sure whether the single Harley rider you have a crush on likes you or not, instead of focusing so much on what they’re saying, see how they act.

Frequently Neglected Biker Dating Rules that Matter

Online biker dating has just hit its booming period recently, and a huge amount of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders just signed up on the online biker dating sites. However, the percentage of the success rate and the amount of Harley motorcycle riders is way too low. According to what says the expert who specializes in the relationship between biker girls and biker guys, there are some essential motorcycle dating tips are often neglected and some details can actually play an important role in the online motorcycle dating world. Thus, today, the expert of one of the most successful Harley dating sites decided to provide biker men and biker women some significant biker dating tips that are always neglected.

An attractive profile page.
A lot of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys have strong intentions to meet a compatible biker baby. However, few of them actually sacrifice their time and energy to create an attractive profile page. The reason is that they tend to neglect the most essential tool of communication on online biker dating websites, which is profile page. Your profile on free motorcycle dating websites are the one window to get to know the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes on the very early stage of falling in love. According to a survey conducted by 5 most famous biker dating websites, the Harley motorcycle bikers who have an outstanding profile page has three times more chance to catch the eyes of other biker babes.

An outstanding conversational skill.
Congratulations! You have already matched with the man biker or women biker that you are interested in. However, it is of great importance to come to the awareness that matching doesn’t mean the start of your relationship. What makes a real difference is the affection you build with your Harley girls or Harley guys through texts on online motorcycle dating sites. In almost every company culture, effective communication is what we value the most, which can be also applied to the most important quality when it comes to online biker dating websites.

Then the question is raised: how to actually build the tense, the fire as well as the affection with your dear motorcycle babes through intent chatting tools. First of all, get to know your motorcycle babes or motorcycle dudes before even trying to chatting with the. How are you going to catch the attention of the one you like without even knowing them a little bit? Secondly, ask questions wisely. Don’t just ask any questions that you want to ask, instead, ask questions that can actually show that you care about your Harley motorcycle rider and also lead the conversation to a deeper level. Last but not least, use emojis. We always oversee the fact that chatting online is way different from chatting face to face. It is way more difficult to show your emotions and affections through a lengthy line or words. Thus, at this time emojis will be more than effective.

How to Surprise Your Biker Partner

Surprising your biker man or biker women can be an efficient and useful way to rekindle the fire between the motorcycle women and motorcycle men. Because an unexpected little surprise can leave not only you but also your partner a strong and emotional memory which will never be forgotten. However, the staff on the most famous online biker dating sites have gotten a slew amount of requests questioning the best way to surprise their male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Here are some expert motorcycle dating tips which are adult themed you can follow to spice it up and show your motorcycle man or motorcycle women that you really care.

A hand written love letter.
In a age where smartphone and texts overrides every other way of communication tool, handwritten letter is basically lost in track these days. Let along a love poem which requires much more dedication to come up with. Instead of sending your Harley man or Harley women a simple heart emoji, a love letter can definitely spark a lot more fire between a motorcycle couple when you are in a Harley dating. In the handwritten love letter, feel free to express your true self and you dedicated work will be appreciate in the end.

A homemade cake.
Every biker guy will take his beloved biker girls out for a ride on a giant Harley Davidson bike to let her know that he cares. But what about a cute and yummy cupcake? As someone who lives a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, it can be such a sweet surprise to bake your biker babes a handmade cupcake. The thought of the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude who is used to explore the most dangerous spot on a motorcycle going into the kitchen baking something as cute as cupcake will make his or her heart melt in no time.

A romantic getaway.
It has always just been a thought of forget about everything is going on in your stressful life now and book the latest flight ticket for a romantic getaway. Even though few people have the courage to put action into work, none of us can deny that there is nothing is more romantic than an unexpected romantic getaway. No matter it is the infamous slam in Mumbai in India or the renowned capital city of romance Paris, what counts is your effort to revive the connection with your biker chicks or biker dude.

Go out of your comfort zone.
If you still have no idea what to do to surprise your biker lady or biker gentlemen, come up with something that you have never done! The last thing we want it to happen is seeing our relationship stuck somewhere and makes no progress. To avoid that from happening, both of you need to go out of your comfort zone! Never done making out in a public bathroom? Maybe it is time to be reckless! Never backpacked on a tight budget with your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman? Book the cheapest ticket now!

Motorcycle Camping Way for Bikers to Enjoy Biker Lifestyle

Invite your biker girl to ride with you for a long run motorcycle touring

Nowadays, more and more people choose to ride motorcycles to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the endless freedom in the wild. Motorcycle trips and motorcycle camping can be a great way for those Harley men and motorcycle?women to get an opportunities to relax themselves and find the new direction in their lives. Besides, riding and camping in the wild can offer them a peaceful access to some of the beauties of nature.

In Buddhism, there is an idea called Zen that emphasizes that enlightenment can be attained in meditation and intuition. Motorcycle camping and riding are definitely the greatest activities that relate to Zen. It can be regarded as a sort of meditation for motorcycle riders when they are cruising highways and back roads on their bikes. During that time, they are focusing on the front road under their tires and the roar of their engines, which allow them to focus on the present and clear their annoyances that trouble their minds.

While camping in the wild after a long ride, Harley riders have a peaceful time talking to themselves and sleeping under the sky. It enables them to experience the most relaxing aspects of riding. They don’t have to worry about where to stay or where to have dinner. Camping outside will allow bikers to ride just for fun, cause as long as they carry camping gear, they can stay at wherever they like. They can just ride on the open road without any trouble or disturbance. Instead of returning home after a day of riding, motorcycle camping can help bikers to get the extension to relax, recharge and work on finding their life center. The Zen of motorcycle camping is not something that only meditation expert can get, it is just the natural feelings that single biker men and women have when they are camping or when they are waking up in the morning. If you decide to have a motorcycle trip and motorcycle camping, then you will be thankful that you finally find a way to get away from your mundane lives and to find your own way to live. Because riding and camping can be the sources of meditation that can help motorcycle riders to clear minds.

Before riding out, make sure that you bring all the proper riding and camping gear, as well as supplies you will need on the way. And before get into your tent for sleeping, make sure your bike are locked and stay alert all the time.

How to keep romance alive while living together?

First, allow me to congratulate you on having gone for a long way after the very first Harley motorcycle date or motorcycle camping. It is truly hard to look for a like minded Harley motorcycle rider who you can tolerate for more than a date or motorcycle travel, and also a potential Harley rider who pushes you to take the relationship to a higher level by moving in together. However, a brand new phase of the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle does not only means endless opportunities, but also practical challenges and difficulties which start to get in the way.

While date nights used to be your daily routine, whether it’s the cliche fancy restaurant then a comedy movie with fresh popcorn, or the adventure featured date on a Harley Davidsno bike that every Harley motorcycle enthusiast is passionate about, now spending almost every single moment together will be your norm. Which does not only means that sharing the bill and doing housework will be the joint responsibility of both male Harley rider and female Harley rider, but also a meaningful step by sharing the same address and keeping romance alive.

Even though long term Harley motorcycle relationship is not going to be featured by rose and sun as it is during the initial biker dating stage, there are a few essential motorcycle dating rules to keep in mind to keep the romance and mystery going.

1. Always show your affection to your Harley motorcycle lover.
When you get too comfortable with your Harley men or Harley women, it is also when you get yourself exposed the most in vulnerabilities. Which is considered as a double edged sword since you can be fully yourself but at the same time, the relationship might go state easily once you feel there is nothing more to improve in your relationship. Thus prioritizing your romantic relationship with your special Harley motorcycle rider and show him/her that hat you have together is what matters to you.

2. Make intentional efforts to keep romance alive.
Before moving in together, you only have the perfect version of your women Harley rider or men Harley rider, whose little annoying habits such as always leaving a mess is yet to be discover. Therefore, once you have made up your mind to share a bed instead of merely some random nights together, be prepared to make compromises and make intentional efforts into your Harley motorcycle date routine. Even though it is quite easy to be caught up in tiny little chores such as mow the lawn, do dishes and pay the electricity, which can possibly lead to a fight or even be the source of a break up, always make an effort first.

3. Introduce new elements into your long-term relationship.
For every Harley motorcycle couple, keeping the feeling fresh and exciting plays a key role in maintaining a successful relationship for numerous bikers. For example, try on new adult type sex game to challenge the sensation with your Harley motorcycle partner, finish a painting together, or just ride on your giant bike to chase the sunset. You can also invite some single Harley riders in your city on the Harley dating site.

Why Motorcycle Traveling is the Perfect Date

Biker girl and man plan a camping dating.

You are lucky if you are dating a biker who is also interested in motorcycling. Because both of you will have the chance to spend most of the time together riding on the road. For biker men and biker women, having a date to a movie or a dinner is boring and meaningless. Thus, a motorcycle traveling is a perfect date idea for biker dates.

It can give both of you freedom
No matter what’s lead you to choose to own a bike, one of the most essential reasons has to be the freedom. Since you both share passion for the freedom on the motorcycle, then a motorcycle traveling can give you the ultimate freedom. And the cost for motorcycle traveling date is cheap, which won’t put pressure on any of you.

It doesn’t require too much talk
If you and your biker girl or biker man are not familiar with each other, then a motorcycle trip that doesn’t need to talk too much is perfect for you. Assume you plan to have a dinner date, both of you will be nervous and even stammering under the pressure, leading to an imperfect date. Riding on one motorcycle will make all single bikers to be comfortable and become more intimate.

The ride will be a great common ground to talk about when stop
Several hours of motorcycle riding on the open road is easy to make biker dates to get thirsty, presenting a great chance for you to ask your biker date if he or she wants to stop for a drink or just some rest. When both of you are a little tired, you can be relaxed and easy to talk about things with others, especially there is common ground about the experiences during the ride that is inconvenient to be shared on the motorcycle.

There are no set rules
Assume that you go out for dinner or a movie for a date, you may be stuck to some set rules that make you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t feel right about your date, you still have to sit politely till the end of the meal or the movie. But a motorcycle traveling is nothing like that. At least it is the common interest for you and your biker partner. If you really feel so bad, you can just ride back or ride silently.

Things Bikers May Not Think To Pack for The Motorcycle Traveling Date

Have a perfect motorcycle touring date

Although traveling by motorcycle may seem cheap, but don’t make your biker girl and yourself suffer. Since you both agree to have a date on motorcycle, then you’d better make it a perfect one. Here are things that you may not think of when packing for the trip, but can make your trip easier and happier.

Extra gallon of gas
It will come into play only when single bikers run out of gas while riding the back country roads where have no gas station. But when you do, you will find how thankful that you carry extra fuel on board with you. You’d better purchase a gas can that can perfectly fit in the saddlebag.
Mesh laundry bag
A traditional laundry bag traps air inside, which makes it bulky and difficult to pack more things in it. Unlike the traditional bag, a mesh laundry bag is filled with holes, making it easy to fit in any space in your luggage, saddlebag and so on. Besides, it will not hold onto odors.
Wet wipes
Wet wipes can play an important role in your motorcycle trip with your biker babe. With wet wipes, you can wipe down the TV remotes before using them in hotels, wipe hands after eating or repairing bikes, wipe your boots after riding and can be used as toilet paper on the road.
Packets of shampoo and body wash
After a whole day ride, it is great to have a bath with similar shampoo and body wash. So, motorcycle riders can prepare the packets of shampoo and body wash in their bags, which are much easier to travel with than bottled ones.
Extra camera batteries
Riding out, you may come across many amazing views along the way and you may want to use your camera to help you memorize them. But when you snap a lot of photos in a row, you may need 2 or 3 batteries a day. So, always keep at least 2 backup batteries in your pocket to keep yourself from regretting. And don’t forget to charge them all each night.
Durable plastic bags
Those small plastic shopping bags you get in supermarkets can be kept and carry around you when you are riding out for a long time. It folds small and easy to be carried. Riders can put them in the front pocket of the luggage bag, to make it easy to found. You can use them to tote munchies, t-shirts or anything that need to be placed separately.

Tips for Eating Right While Motorcycle Touring and Camping

Motorcycle camping and dinner

Most single motorcycle riders love riding out for a trip. It is understandable that some foodie bikers will take the chance to treat them when they are on their vacations. But what they eat along the way will have a huge impact on their motorcycle journey. Although it is not easy to eat well when you are away from home, you can have a healthier and more relaxed motorcycle trip next time with these essential tips below.

1. Carry snacks with you
When bikers are riding on the road, it is impossible that they can always find access to healthy foods at meal times. So, keeping healthy snacks or snacks that you love to eat in your backpack can always allow you to fill up when you are riding at remote areas. Single riders can prepare homemade granola bars and trail mixes before the riding. However, if you are not good at cooking, just grab a few items at the grocery store, such as apples, peanut butter, vegetables, dates and so on.

2. Bring tools for easy cooking
Cooking your own meals while motorcycle traveling can be an easy way to get yourself filled up on healthy foods. Don’t misunderstand that it will be troublesome. Single bikers just need to bring along a small rice cooker, crock pot or a blender, with which can make a delicious and healthy meal. Especially when you plan to have motorcycle camping night with your biker date, cooking by your own will be a fantastic experience.

3. Know the spots for food in advance
If you plan to ride on one of the famous motorcycle roads, then it is better for you to research the best restaurants and supermarkets for healthy foods in the towns where you will be staying or passing through. The best place for you to do your research is motorcycle riding websites or biker dating websites. If you will ride on the highways for the whole day, look into fast food restaurants and convenient stores near highways in advance to know where you will have access to healthy foods.

4. Drink plenty of water
When you are riding on the open road, your body needs more water than you think. So, stay hydrated should be a major priority to ensure a great motorcycle journey. Drinking more water can flush out toxin, keep the skin healthy and help motorcycle riders to eat less junk food that may be bad for their health. The easiest way to drink water while riding is to wear a hydration backpack, which is fitted with a water bladder and a drinking tube that can help bikers drink on the go.

BikerKiss Launches a Dating App which Allows You to Plan Motorcycle Camping on Your Phone

Biker Dating app for motorcycle riders to invite local girls or guys for camping dating.

Single biker men and biker women now have a great new resource available to find romance and love just on their mobile phones. The world’s famous and leading dating site for motorcycle riders,, has launched a dating app for its members to conveniently access the information they need to meet and date other singles. It is very easy for you to invite a local biker girl or guy to ride for a motorcycle touring with camping plan.

We now live in a world where more single Harley riders access Internet services such as dating sites on their smartphones or tablets than on their desktop computer. This is one of the reasons why has chosen to develop a user friendly mobile application. The launch of this dating app for bikers will make it easier for members to find each other and start their search for the perfect match on the go.

Has been running for more than a decade, is an award-winning dating service for Harley men and Harley women who may have trouble meeting biker partners and biker friends in their daily lives. Maybe they are too shy to talk to someone they are interested in. Maybe they don’t have much time go to a bar or a club to meet new riders. No matter what reasons that stop them from finding bikers they can have a genuine and loving romantic relationship with, they can enjoy a great dating time on BikerKiss. It offers the most practical features and the most powerful searching system, which are the guarantees of thousands of successful dating between biker singles.

Emily from Biker Kiss said,”This is the leading, the most effective and the largest site in the world to connect all biker singles together. And it provides the greatest chance to its members to meet and date with their most compatible matches on the site. Now with the find bikers dating app, our members will feel much easier to get contact with their dates.”

With more and more users visiting and connecting everyday via their smart phones, iPads and other tablets, biker dating app released by will allow the site to continue to be the headmost dating community for single motorcycle riders.

Pack For A Motorcycle Touring

Select a right pack for your wonderful motorcycle touring with your biker match

Motorcycle touring is not the same as other types of trip. Touring on a motorcycle for bikers means being on the motorcycle for more than a week and staying in different places everyday. And everything you pack will need to be with you all the time, tied on your bike. So, how to pack is essential for bikers to consider, especially when they plan a motorcycle touring dating with a biker girl. Pack light and spare more room for you and your biker partner to ride comfortably. Except for those must-have gear, here are other things bikers need to consider to pack on an extended motorcycle tour.

1. First aid kit
Buy one with high quality and put things like sunburn creme, antiseptic, bandages and other basic first aid necessities. Thus you have things to deal with sunburn or an insect bite. Those items are small and needed to be placed in one place. Because when you or your biker lady need them, you will know how grateful and useful to have such an aid kit.

2. Maps
A motorcycle trip needs a good map over a GPS unit anytime. Of course, it will be better to have both for motorcycle riders. But only map can show you a larger sense of where you are and where you are riding to. And bikers can write on the map like where will be coffee shop, bar, food store, gas station and s on, which will be a treasure from the tour and a beautiful memory. Visit one of the best biker dating community to ask some experienced riders about what map is the best for motorcycle touring.

3. Bottled water
It is critical for you and your biker girl are properly hydrated when you are riding on the motorcycle. Don’t drink for thirsty. Because when you get dehydrated, fatigue sets in. That’s the last thing bikers want to feel on the motorcycle, which can destroy a motorcycle dating with a biker babe. So, keep an adequate water supply on the bike all the time and make stops to refresh yourself when you have been riding for a while.

4. Something to recharge your cell phone
Sometimes, bikers may choose a road that is in low sparsely populated areas for their motorcycle touring. If you need help in the middle of your trip, you would wish your cellphone is fully charged. So, purchase something from markets for recharging the cellphones without a wall outlet. Thus, you can feel free to listen to the videos and take pictures for the views and your biker girl on the road.

5. Small packet of microfiber towels
Microfiber towels are the best thing to clean helmet and windscreen. Use bottled water to moisten the towel before using, which can help it clean well. They are washable and can be used for several times.